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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the “Weekly Training Intensive” targeted for certain markets?

Every week Jordan dives into all topics revolving around business, entrepreneurship, and most importantly, sales. The topics covered are not specific to any market (unless specified in the training or title). However, during the Q&A portion of the training Jordan will answer market specific questions for those who ask.

How can I sign up for a free trial, or how can I help sign-up a friend?

Here's the site:

How can I become an Affiliate?

E-mail, then follow the directions if you are interested in becoming an affiliate to sign up others to our products/programs.

I just registered for a course, and I am not able to see this on my account.

You may need to log out of your account, and log back on to see the changes for “Your Products” section. If the problem continues please email us at and we will update your profile accordingly.

How can I cancel my subscription?

If you want to cancel your subscription you have to send us a handwritten letter on why you are not interested in success… Or just click here

Can I use PayPal as an option?

Our team is working to integrate PayPal as a payment method to better accommodate our members and the option to use PayPal will become available very soon. (estimated date February 29th)

Why am I seeing a $1 charge on my account after registering for the free trial?

The $1 dollar charge was a pre-authorization charge to ensure that the card is valid and this charge will not be collected.

I have been charged more than I expected. What do I do?

Please contact support and we will help you out!

How can I contact Jordan Belfort for bookings?

If you are interested in booking Jordan for an event, you can go to the link here: can also email us at

Are subtitles provided on the current videos?

Our team is currently working on the English subtitles to better accommodate our members.

Are translations available for courses?

Unfortunately, translations are not yet available, but our team is currently working to translate these courses. Please let us know if you have a request at If you are interested in making a version for another language, email us at

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